Monday, March 19, 2018


An awe-inspiring design will be the first key to representing and managing the image of your company.
Through the design the browser will be made to feel that you are a unique company, which always goes the extra mile. The saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” applies to an attractive yet professional design. The idea after successfully creating an ideal design is to make the users want to browse the entire website, refer the website to friends and colleagues and of course re-visit the website to see what is new.

User friendliness:
User friendliness is the next objective in creating a successful website. There are a few guidelines that Platinum Web Solutions will follow when development of a new website commences. These guidelines are spot on with browser preferences and capabilities in terms of connection speed and search engine optimization. Developing with flash, makes an attractive website, but inhibits search engine abilities to find the website and also takes a long time to download for browsers whose connections are slow. The way to get around these hurdles is to develop in part flash and part HTML. This allows for the options flash development can provide (attractive yet professional design) and takes care of search engines and slow internet connections.
A browser should not have to click more than two, three times at the most when trying to find something on a website. Having an index bar present on all the different pages and sub pages with the different buttons and drop down menus on it, is the best way to give browsers a website where they never have to click more than three times to find what they want.

Content and picture layout:
The next objective is to successfully create the ideal layout of content and pictures that is in harmony with the design. Platinum Web Solutions will create different layouts for the different pages’ information so as to allow for definition amongst the different sections of information. Thumbnails and large pictures are placed where ideally suited according to the different sections of the website.

An important aspect when creating a website that browsers will be impressed by, is to create inter activity. Giving browsers an opportunity to comment on the website will give you important feed back, and secondly allow the visitors to voice their opinions as well as interact with the website (Polls, follow us on facebook, links to other client’s websites, interactive google map plus customized response form on the contact page, latest articles displayed on home page - useful for new product launches, etc.) These are just some of the interactive features available using a Content Management System (CMS).

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