Monday, March 19, 2018


 Atlas-Utas (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company supplying both new and used engine rebuilding machinery to the engine rebuilding sector for over 30 years. Drawing on this experience they have been meeting the demands of their client's requirements with customer satisfaction as their primary objective. Riskworx is an independent provider of financial risk management and treasury solutions. Their services include risk advisory, modeling and product/software integration primarily in the field of financial risk management and treasury risk and valuation products.
Water is the single most important commodity on which all countries rely, and is rapidly becoming scarcer in most countries around the world. The accurate control of water is fast becoming the main preoccupation of engineers, governments and local authorities, to maximize water use and minimize losses. AmanziFlow Projects, through its innovative technology, has equipment that can help solve the problems of shortage and control of WATER.  Since 1948 Morfou catering equipment has been supplying and servicing the food preperation industry with new as well as quality used equipment. Offering a Turn key operation they assist from planning to supplying the most cost effective solution to meet your specific requirements and backing it up with reliable after sales service.
 The story of P.T.F.E began on April 6, 1938 at Du Pont's JACKSON LABORATORY in New Jersey. Dr Roy J. Plunkett who was working with gases related to FROEN* refrigerants discovered that one sample had polymerized spontaneously to a white waxy solid. Malleable Castings is a flexible foundry capable of producing cost effectively both long production runs and shorter,
lower volume orders to satisfy the full range of customer needs. It operates on a short lead time, rapid response
strategy and has the trained production staff and flexible and balanced melting, moulding and annealing capacity to
support this strategy.

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