Monday, March 19, 2018
  • Awe-Inspiring Design

    An awe-inspiring design will be the first key to representing and managing the image of your company. Through the design the browser will be made to feel that ... Read More
  • Responsive Layouts

    All of the websites we develop are created to adjust according to different screen resolutions and various mobile devices that the website can be viewed from.
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  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is basically optimizing ones content and pictures on a website to allow for search engines to easily index your website ... Read More
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About Us

Platinum Web Solutions is a young vibrant company specializing in the custom design and setup of all websites. We have a dedicated team of professionals whose sole aim is to provide you with a unique, tailor-made solution.

We have had extensive experience in helping small to medium enterprises (as well as the odd large listed company) establish their web presence. We believe having a strong web presence in todays volatile internet marketing world gives you an advantage over your competition.

Websites fulfill many roles in many different ways. The crux of the matter is to drive traffic to your site. There are a few ways of doing this. Our designs have all been search engine optimized giving you the greatest chances of driving concentrated traffic to your site.

Another way is to use Google AdWords to manage an online marketing campaign. Now the first thing in any new advertisers' mind is that MUST be expensive. Not so. You choose how much you would like to spend and we shall help you setup and manage your advertisements. You choose the keywords relating to your business, your budget and then whenever someone on Google types in your keyword or phrase your sponsored link appears.

Ok now that traffic is being driven to your site, what's next? A potential client needs to be intrigued by the layout of the website, it needs to be attractive, precise, easy to navigate and to the point. Having some interactivity on the site also allows users to interact with your website (response forms, etc).

Another useful feature which Platinum Web Solutions provides is the facility to update your content. What this basically means is that we custom design certain portions of the website (or the entire site) to be updateable. This puts YOU, the client, in complete control over your info. So when you have changes within your organization, new product launches, news articles, etc, YOU can now add, edit or delete any info. This saves you the time and hassle of waiting for us to do it for you (not to mention the additional savings in the long run).

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